Quality Assurance and Control is the cornerstone of our business. We recognize that an effective Total Quality Management system will not only keep our clients happy, but it will also improve their bottom line. That is why we are committed to providing a sophisticated Quality Program and Service Model that meets our client base needs.

We provide detailed periodic cleaning reports, billable vs non-billable cost analysis, work order count examination, work order spend analysis by classification, summary spend analysis, spend trend analysis—by month, quarter and year—SLA/KPI benchmarking analysis, escalations reporting, work order completion metrics and quality site inspection analysis, to name a few.

J+A is committed to the continuous examination of our Quality Program. Specifically, we use RDMAIC project methodology as well as DRIVE, SWOT, ICOR and SPC problem solving practices to routinely review our service model, allowing us to strengthen our performance on each account.

Our TQM encompasses the following:

a) our commitment

b) our culture

c) customer/supplier relationship

d) total cost

e) processes – communication and teamwork

f) supervising and training

g) developing a systematic approach

h) eliminating barriers between departments.

We have an established Succession Planning process whereby training, consistency and developing/supporting our workforce ensures we generate subject matter experts to sustainably provide us with a competitive edge.

Our service model places an emphasis on management commitment, customer focus, supplier relationships and effective measurements. We act rapidly to ensure that we stay ahead.