J+A Cleaning Solutions Ltd.  actively promotes green principles daily by striving to continually improve environmental practices.

Our Janitorial Green Cleaning Strategy is implemented by our Green/High Performance Cleaning Program, which includes staffing levels, green service delivery training (supervisory and workforce) and safety training (use and hazards of chemical products). Moreover, the implementation of a Floor Care Log and Maintenance Plan ensures that we track the number of coats of floor finish applied to a respective job. The use of the latest innovations in floor care also allow us to avoid the use of the aforementioned through the implementation of diamond pads. Similarly, Carpet Cleaning Logs are implemented to achieve scheduled maintenance + restoration procedures and dates. In addition, we evaluate the effectiveness of our green/high performance cleaning program through its integration into our Standard Quality Management System.

Furthermore, dilution control measures, Green Seal/EcoLogo chemicals–as well as disposable janitorial products and trash bags–using cleaning equipment that meets environmentally preferable criteria and sound decibel level controls are all contributing forces included in our strategy. Indoor chemical and pollutant source controls and solid waste management are also incorporated to promote our environmental initiatives. Finally, active Resource Conservation Awareness amongst our staff and clients allows us to communicate the latest field trends.

Environmental protection is an integral part of planning, management and ongoing operations. We ensure our activities comply with all legislative requirements, including government regulations, waste minimization, resource recovery, waste tracking controls and accessing advanced technologies